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Alternative Treatments

Ketamine Therapy

Studies show that half of people with Treatment-Resistant Depression experience relief after a single treatment.

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TMS Therapy

Uses FDA-approved, non-invasive magnetic pulses shown to improve depression in 70-80% of patients.
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“[TMS Therapy] gives me the opportunity to actually live my life for the first time.”

TMS Patient

The treatments gifted me balance and inner calm. There could be a storm around me, but I feel better equipped to navigate the waters and flow with, not against, the waves. The treatments have also changed how and why I work. My focus has improved and I approach my collaborations more intentionally. I’ve become much more selective about the projects and clients I engage with, and believe this added clarity has improved my relationships and led to more successful outcomes.

Ailin D
Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles patient

I’ve been suffering from depression for the past 11 years. It has been a debilitating illness the has affected my everyday life including socializing, personality, thoughts, down to brushing my teeth. Ketamine has been a game-changer. By no means is it a cure, but it has given me a piece of myself I’ve lost a long time ago. There is a sense of clarity, calmness, and stability I haven’t felt in years. Since my ketamine treatments, I've been able to take back control of my life.

Maria M
Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles patient

Since receiving ketamine infusions, I have totally turned my perception around, from contracting and isolating, to openness and participation in my own life again! It turned my view from dark subjectivity to colorful objectivity, in a surprisingly rapid time frame.

Patrick O
Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles patient

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